Friday, June 19, 2009

The writings on the wall...

Yesterday, I went on the hunt to Hobby Lobby (one of my faves) for vinyl wall letters, you've seen them....the little quotes or sayings that adhere to the wall in your entry way, kitchen etc. and when you want to remove it, it peels right off! They are so adorable and oh so smart (wish I would of thought of this idea) This is what I was on the hunt for my entryway......But instead...I have this thing called (SADD, Shopping Attention Deficit Disorder) I ended up with this....
(Two @8.00 a piece) for my mantle!
This looks great in my dining room (4.00)The 11.00 vase (which by the way happens to matches the fabric on my cornice AND my new bench in the entryway) and my cute little 5.00 Fleur de lei!

Last but not least, (sorry no pics, my battery is low) 2 Large Sea grass Baskets with lids for the top of my wall unit (6.00 a piece) and a cute wrought iron towel holder for 1.50!! JACKPOT!!! Thank YOOOUU Hobby Lobby, I just love a bargain!

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